Back on the jet…

Back on the jetty at orly, on this hot Sunday before the war, where he could now stay, he realized that the child he had once been must be there too, watching the planes. But first he looked for the woman’s face, at the end of the jetty. He ran towards her. But when he saw the man from the underground camp he realized that one cannot escape time, and that this haunted moment, given him to see as a child, was the moment of his own death.

Chris Marker’s Le Jetee



Due to the chaos of my schedule this semester, hopes of revamping/setting this up as a legit domain, and the possibility of renaming the site, I have to put this baby on hiatus.

You  can stayed tuned with the latest video interview I’ve taken, once it’s edited. You’ll be able to find it on YouTube or Vimeo.

After that, The Sound of Eyes Shut will be put on shelf until I level up.

Sincerest apologies.

Until we meet again,

Lorisa Kidd Wonder

Oh! I Wonder: Where Have You Been?!

For those of you who are kind enough to stayed tuned to my blog, I am deeply sorry for my lack of posts. Since school began, everything has been all over the place for me, balancing class, work, an internship, and music. All the more enjoyable, but nonetheless very time consuming.

But sit tight, because I have some new things planned, and will have them posted  as soon as I can. They are going to be pretty spectacular, if I may says so myself. I am eternally grateful for your patience and just as equally grateful for your support.

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In Case You Missed It: Jamie Maxfield 21st Birthday Show

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Imagine: Derek Blythe of Living on Titan

Low and Behold by lorisa kidd wonder
Low and Behold, a photo by lorisa kidd wonder on Flickr.

The Sound of: Multiple Organisms

With every band comes the need to encompass their individuality, that particular air that sets them apart from every other musician. In the case of this three man piece, it is executed through the multifarious mix of hiphop-esque rhymes and a dash of bass and drums. Amongst the sounds of raps and slaps and the humbling industrial feel of a warehouse where they currently house their practices, Chad Porras, David Hendrickson, and Bryant Miguel give us the low-down on who they are: Multiple Organisms.

Imagine: Multiple Organisms

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